Flipped Classroom Lesson

As part of my technology class, I have created a flipped classroom lesson to be included in my final unit plan.

My unit topic is the “Causes of the Civil War” for 5th grade students. I decided to flip what was originally a very lengthy PowerPoint slide showing the timeline of events regarding states’ rights.

Using the platform Moovly to help create my video, I uploaded the final product to EDpuzzle, making the video interactive with questions interspersed as a formative assessment.

The video includes several primary sources including photographs, illustrations, and posters from the time period. I also decided to include several maps to show the changes in congressional balance between pro-slavery and anti-slavery states and territories.

Below, you will find the non-assessment version of my video. Enjoy!



9 thoughts on “Flipped Classroom Lesson

  1. I love the animation on your flipped classroom! I wish I was more tech savvy. I also love how you used EdPuzzle to incorporate a review at the beginning and questions throughout the lesson. Overall, I am very impressed!


    1. I like how you had the marker writing the North and South. The map you used was great too because it was easy to read. Great presentation that would keep me engaged if I was a student.


  2. Love that you included both versions, EdPuzzle and YouTube. Great idea to review before new information. Increasing rigor with open ended questions. Flexible measurement of their answers. Moovly is a great option for a flip. A great point, the image is stopped for the question and allows for review of images…:) Great use of the Comment:)


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