Learning with Social Media

The Frontline program, Generation Like, shows how important social media has become in the lives of children today. The program depicted the increasing influence social media has on the consumer market. Most of the time, it is students that help augment the value of goods and materials, including films, music, an television, by sharing them with their peers through various social media outlets. Since our country’s consumer market is so dependent on this, I feel it is important to recognize the value of students learning the proper skills to further their society’s economic success.

Children’s usage of social media can be construed as a 21st century skill that they must master for future use in their lives. As a teacher, I would want to facilitate a way for students to use social media in a safely and responsibly, for example using discussion boards. Students can post opinions and reflections on content they learn in class and the teacher would work as the moderator and facilitator. This would be a great medium for children to be a part of the classroom conversation, especially if a student may not feel comfortable talking in class. Social media is also a great way to learn what is current in the eyes of the students, which in turn can be used to make content more relevant for students. 

Finally, I think it’s most important to teach Digital Citizenship to students, learning how to safely have an online presence. Students must understand the importance of keeping personal information secure and private. Additionally, as students begin to use the Internet to acquire information, digital citizenship would be help them to identify  what is valid and credible online. Social media and the Internet, in general, is becoming more and more vital in students lives and teachers should appreciate how they can bring this into the classroom. 


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