Learning with TeachThought

I waffled a lot between different blog sites before I decided on the one to read during the course of the semester. The majority of the recommended blogs had very useful information that I can learn from. In the end however, my choice came down to aesthetics and how easy it was to navigate through TeachThought.

As an upcoming first-year teacher, I’m somewhat overwhelmed with all the minute details that go into becoming an effective teacher. As a visual learner, TeachThought’s use of infographics is something I greatly appreciated: posters related to Bloom’s Taxonomy (see here) and strategies to make learning more fun (see here) are some examples of what this site has to offer. The best part of this site was how all these ideas in pedagogy (some new, some old) are related to 21st century learning skills. I’m looking forward to growing as a teacher through my explorations!


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