Learning through the Standards

For the purpose of this course, I’ve chosen to focus on 4th grade Virginia SOLs in Social Studies.

VS.3  The student will demonstrate an understanding of the first permanent English settlement in America by:

a)  explaining the reasons for English colonization;
b)  describing the economic and geographic influences on the decision to settle at Jamestown;
c)  describing the importance of the charters of the Virginia Company of London in 
establishing the Jamestown settlement;
d)  identifying the importance of the General Assembly (1619) as the first representative 
legislative body in English America;
e)  identifying the impact of the arrival of Africans and English women to the Jamestown 
f)  describing the hardships faced by settlers at Jamestown and the changes that took place to 
ensure survival; and
g)  describing the interactions between the English settlers and the native peoples, including 
the role of the Powhatan in the survival of the settlers.

Here are some activities that integrate the standards above and the 4Cs:


  • Working in small groups, students will choose an important person/place/event regarding the Jamestown settlement and create a presentation that teaches their topic to the remainder of the class.
  • Using a variety of primary, including maps, tables, and diaries, students will investigate if “the Starving Time” could have been prevented in the Jamestown settlement.
  • Students will work in groups plan, develop and refine a colonial settlement with the Virginia Company that can withstand various challenges.

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